Why Microdose?

Microdosing (consuming imperceptible amounts of psilocybin) may lead to numerous benefits including increased focus, attention to detail, improved mood, and much more! Consuming microdoses of magic mushrooms is a great way to enhance your everyday life without the inconvenience of having a psychedelic trip in the middle of the day. 

Microdosing Tips

There isn’t a one size fits all method to microdosing magic mushrooms, because they affect everyone differently. The best method is whichever method works best for you! Below, you’ll find the three most common and widely accepted microdosing schedules. But first, a few quick tips!

  •  Don’t microdose every day so that you can continue feeling the effects and avoid building a tolerance
  • Take your microdose in the morning to experience the benefits without interrupting your sleep schedule at night
  • Clear some time to relax for your first microdose. If you end up dosing more than planned and start to trip, you’ll want to be in a space where you feel comfortable
  • Take note of how you feel after your microdose & write it down, in case you need to adjust your dosage next time

Microdose Methods

 Fadiman Method
Microdose every third day

Microdose one day, then take a two day break. If you take your microdose on Monday, take note if you still feel any afterglow lingering effects on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then take your next microdose on Thursday, and so on.

The theory behind it: 
James Fadiman, longtime psychedelic researcher and author of The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide, created this schedule by compiling data from his own research and experiences. “The effects of microdosing were lasting up to two days. The psychedelics are actually gone within a few hours, but you have the same kind of a feeling- functioning better- for two days,” says Fadiman. 

 Stamets Method
Microdose every day for five days 

Microdose once a day for five days, then take a two day break. Try this method by taking a microdose once a day on Monday-Friday for an improved mood during your work week.

The theory behind it: 
Paul Stamets, world renowned mycologist, and author of Mycelium Running, is currently one of the world’s leading expert in mushrooms. He recommends five day periods of dosing to enhance your every day life, but with breaks in between so that you don’t build a tolerance.

 Balance Method
Microdose every other day 

Microdose one day, then take a one day break. Try taking a pause on this method every other week so that you don't build up a tolerance.

The theory behind it: 
Some prefer this approach simply because it is the easiest method to remember. Because the effects of a microdose can last for two days, you may still feel the effects of the previous dose when you take your next dose. This may create stronger and more noticeable effects.

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