Polkadot Blue Cotton Candy Gummies

Polkadot Blue Cotton Candy Gummies


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Polkadot Blue Cotton Candy Mushroom Gummies! These delightful little treats are a burst of whimsy and flavor in every bite. Made with the highest quality cotton candy essence, these gummies take you on a nostalgic journey back to your childhood carnival days. But what sets them apart is the unexpected twist of subtle mushroom undertones, giving them an intriguing depth of flavor. The combination of sweet and earthy creates a unique and satisfying taste experience that will leave you craving more. And don’t worry, these gummies aren’t just about flavor – they come in adorable polka dot shapes that add to their charm. So indulge your inner child and treat yourself to the delightful world of Polkadot Blue Cotton Candy Mushroom Gummies today!

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