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Psilocybe Atlantis



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Buy Magic Truffles Atlantis For Sale!  Sclerotia Atlantis are also known as magic truffles or Philosopher’s Stones. One of the main differences with other magic mushrooms is the ability of the Psilocybe Atlantis to form sclerotia beneath the mushroom. This is the part that contains very high concentrations of psilocybin. Furthermore, these Atlantis magic truffles are a bit larger than those produced by other magic mushrooms. Nevertheless, the effects are the same. All species of psilocybin-containing truffles and magic mushrooms produce similar effects. Therefore depending on the environment and the people you are with, and of course the dosage.


After ten minutes to one hour you will start to notice the first effects. Hence seeing and hearing things better and more intensely. The magic truffle Atlantis eater notices a rapid change in the perception of ordinary reality. This often comes down to a good series of laughs. This cheerful start soon transcends into confused feelings. This is due to reality looking so different. Your mind just cannot grasp it anymore. As the outer confusion intensifies, the inner visions become clearer. The nature of the trip depends upon the person taking it. The mood or state of mind that person is in. So your experience could very well be quite different. What you read here or hear from other people. The trip takes about 6 hours and wears down gradually. Magic Truffles Atlantis For Sale.

Please note: it is possible that during the shipping process, the stones dry a little bit. This decreases their weight. But don’t worry the remaining truffles are just as strong as the dosage mentioned. The most common and efficient way to use Atlantis magic truffles is to eat them raw. On an empty stomach. But this doesn’t taste that well and sometimes leaves a heavy feeling in the stomach. Which can be a disturbing sensation while tripping. Although psilocybin is sensitive to heating, it’s possible to make Atlantis truffle tea. This is more tasty and easy to digest than fresh or dried Atlantis truffles.

If this will be the first time you use magic truffles, make sure that a sober friend is around to help you out in case you feel uncomfortable, sick, or scared.  Our Mushroom Stopper, helps you to get out of your trip.


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These truffles will take effect after about 30 minutes and from then on your experience will begin. Expect magic that lasts 4 – 6 hours.


Eat them on an empty stomach, or else steeped in tea for at least 15 minutes. For best effects, it is recommended that you do not eat anything for 2-3 hours before ingesting the truffles. STORAGE: Fresh truffles should be stored in the refrigerator for a maximum of 2-3 weeks. If you want to keep them longer, you need to dry them. After you have dried your truffles, you can


These are fresh truffles and must be stored in your refrigerator (not freezer!) if you do not use them immediately. The truffles can be stored for up to a month in your refrigerator.



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